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 Post subject: Helmet system advice please
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:18 pm 
The New Guy

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Hi all,

I am currently looking to buy a new helmet system for my LE team. We have looked at the market leaders including the OPSCORE FAST, AIRFRAME and Team wendy exFil and the revision military viper.

I was looking for some knowledge from the board of any other systems that i should be looking at? We are a HR/CT team and require a lightweight high cut system.

Any advice would be good.


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 Post subject: Re: Helmet system advice please
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:45 pm 
The New Guy

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There's probably better, more trafficked places to post this.


The Ops-Core FAST is THE standard modern helmet and is used by basically every major US military SOF unit. USASOC (Rangers, SF, etc...), AFSOC, MARSOC, NSW, some USCG DSF, as well as many major Fed LE and local and state LE agencies. It's level IIIA like the current issue ACHs but uses different construction and materials.

There is also a FAST "Maritime" version that's even lighter (and ~50% more expensive) , but has reduced ballistic capabilities (Level II) and was developed as more of a "ballistic bump" helmet to provide blast/frag protection to units who had traditionally opted for lighter nonballisitic helmets like Pro-Tecs for some tasks. This seems to be the choice of some JSOC SMUs (the same kind of guys who forego boots for Vans DEFCON skate-shoes).

This leads to the Airframe. The Airframe is a Level II helmet with coverage similar to a TC-2002 mid-cut helmet, and has a small joint that allows Airflow through the helmet.iht we Seems they are used in the same roles as the Martime, and are popular because of their light weight. However, that light weight comes at the cost of ballistic protection; which like the Maritime is blast/frag protection where skate helmets were previously used.

Crye has another version of the Airframe called the ATX. This IS a IIIA ballistic helmet which they won't publish a weight for, which leads concern for a significantly increased weight.

The Team Wendy EXFIL is a IIIA helmet and seems to be the lightest out there. I'm not aware of any major organizational use, but Pat Rogers and some other trainers have been pimping the crap out of them.

The revision Viper line of helmets is basically revision's version of the military issue ACH. IIIA, available in full, mid, or high-cuts. Slightly heavier, but substantially cheaper (~1/2 the cost of the Cryes, Ops-Core, or Team Wendys). Don't discount the military issue helmets. The high and mid-cuts work great with comms and the full cuts provide a ton of coverage. They're still very relevant choices.

Personally, I would only look at IIIA helmets considering the possibility of being shot at as an LEO. I would also see what is available via the 1033 program, you might be able to get a whole bunch of free military issue helmets.

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 Post subject: Re: Helmet system advice please
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:37 pm 
Earning his keep
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A bit surprised about what you said regarding ballistic capabilities of each helmets, I thought it was à bit more subtil than than.

However, a fact is that the opscore Maritime is now issued to Rangers, not the hicut. For what I have seen by now, they rarely sacrifice ballistic protection like some other units do.

BTW, TEAM WENDY exfil has been seen a few time on SF and SEALs (private purchase I guess)


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 Post subject: Re: Helmet system advice please
PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:12 pm 
The New Guy

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They're all a compromise between weight/coverage/rating so it's up to you to determine what the best one for you and your mission set.

Overseas I'd go with lightest, especially when your work primarily involves one-sided surprise night-time raids utilizing dual and quad tube NODs or long range recon where weight is everything.

CONUS LE SWAT work where I'm more likely to get shot at by a barricaded nutjob with a handgun during a day-time arrest? I'd opt for the increase in ballistic rating at the slight weight increase since you're not using NODs standard or typically wearing them all day every day.

Ballistic ratings

Airframe: (Lg: 2.55 lbs w/out rails & shroud)
2-Grain RCC (V50): 4200 ft/s
4-Grain RCC (V50): 3475 ft/s
16-Grain RCC (V50): 2475 ft/s
64-Grain RCC (V50): 1750 ft/s
9mm 124 Grain FMJ 1195 ft/s +/- 30 ft/s BFD < 24.5mm (0.96")

ATX: (No weight listed)
9mm 124 Grain FMJ 1400 ft/s +/- 50 ft/s

Fast Ballistic: (Lg: 2.7 lbs complete)
2-Grain (V50): 4200 f/s (1280 m/s)
4-Grain (V50): 3475 f/s (1059 m/s)
16 Grain (V50): 2475 f/s (754 m/s)
64 Grain (V50): 1750 f/s (533 m/s)
17 Grain / 1.1 FSP (V50): 2200 f/s (670 m/s)
9mm FMJ RN: 1400 f/s (427 m/s) – BFD < 1.0″

Maritime: (Lg/XL: 2.6 lbs Complete)
2-Grain (V50): 4075 f/s (1242 m/s)
4-Grain (V50): 3450 f/s (1051 m/s)
16 Grain (V50): 2425 f/s (739 m/s)
64 Grain (V50): 1700 f/s (518 m/s)
17 Grain / 1.1 FSP (V50): 2200 f/s (670 m/s)
9mm FMJ RN: 1200 f/s (366 m/s) – BFD < 1.0″

Exfil: (Lg: 2.6 lbs complete)
NIJ Rating: NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01)
17 Grain / 1.1 FSP (V50): 2400 f/s (731 m/s)
9mm FMJ RN: 1400 f/s (427 m/s) – BFD < 1.0″

NIJ Ratings:
IIA: 9mm FMJ 124 Grain 1090 f/s
II: 9mm FMJ 124 Grain 1175 f/s
IIIA: 9mm FMJ 124 Grain 1400 f/s

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